Associates of Voices

Jemma Goodridge – associate director

Jemma is a freelance director, actor and teacher as well as a specialist casting director. She trained at East 15 and was in The Stage as Experts’ Choice. She is a highly skilled and experienced character actress in theatre, television and has worked in film with Peter Andre and Bradley Walsh. Jemma began her professional career working abroad performing in comedy sketches and cabaret. She was a founder member of Voices in 2012 as an actress in Meaning but since then has refocused to take leadership of our Apprentice cast production Under the Apple Tree alongside founding co-director of the Apprentice cast Gemma Neville. Jemma also does teaching and workshop leading in schools alongside the casts of the plays where needed.

Mark Niel – creative associate

Mark is a core member of the Voices team and has been for some years now. Not only did he co-write ‘Under the Apple Tree’, he has been a musical advisor as well as poet on a number of projects. Mark was key in co-ordinating our European tour in 2014 when we performed at the European Parliament for IHRD. In his work beyond Voices, Mark is a freelance actor, musician, singer and stand up comedian. He is also MK Poet Laureate and performs across the country and beyond in schools and libraries, festivals and football stadiums, in comedy clubs and indeed on Radio 2!

Pamela Ryder – vocal coach

Pam is a highly regarded vocal coach at national and international level. She has a masters in professional voice practice from Birmingham school of Acting and now lectures at further education and university level as well as running her own theatre company and working as a professional actress! Pam is a member of the British Voice Association (BVA), Voice Care network UK, Voice and Teachers’ Association as well as the British Shakespeare Association. Pam has worked with us on all our productions supporting our actors in their mastery of a huge range of European accents and is a joy to work with!

Karen Kodish – photographer

From the age of 8 Karen owned a camera. She finally made the leap into professional photography in 2010. She is natural storyteller and has an incredible flair for capturing people – and we love the way she catches our productions and actors every time! Karen is a core member of the Milton Keynes arts community and works with the council, film makers, theatre companies, artists and musicians in the city and beyond. She works for a variety of businesses as well as being a brilliant wedding photographer. She is passionate about her work with Voices who celebrate her Jewish heritage and approach challenging human rights issues that are so important to her.

Gregory Mahon – technical and media advisor

Greg has spent most of his life being involved in theatre and performing. He has been working as an actor and musician with Voices for some years now, finding himself on stage at the European Parliament within months of taking on a lead role in ‘Butterflies’! Greg is passionate about human rights and political and social activism, but he is also a skilled and diverse performer; indeed his lead role as Charlie and as a songwriter for a production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ secured the support of the Roald Dahl Foundation. Greg is a talented singer and musician. He is a self taught beat boxer and poet as well as playing in a seven piece band at festivals and venues all over the country.

Leona Day – Business Manager and Schools Co-ordinator

Originally from the Midlands, our amazing Business Manager Leona has lived in Milton Keynes for 25 years. She has spent over 10 years in recruitment consultancy, customer service, sales and business work. She gained her BA in events management from Northampton University in 2011 and has since managed a number of international weddings, dances and other events. Leona is passionate about charity and voluntary work and, spending a substantial amount of her time supporting her community including through her fabulous Carribean cooking and hair dressing skills. She is incredibly well motivated, dedicated to her work and never ceases to amaze us with her commitment and energy!

Joanne Mulley – Cultural and Casting advisor

Jo has worked in a variety of roles since Voices began! She is a skilled and trained actress who spends much of her time touring professionally, both in the UK and abroad. Currently, she supports our work in an advisory capacity. Jo was fundamental in the development of Susan’s testimony which became, of course, the core material for our new verbatim play ‘Kindness’. Indeed she spent thousands of hours building our resources for this amazing new work. Jo has spent substantial time in Israel and uses her heritage, cultural and historic understandings to support Voices’ education programmes, integrating her own TIE practices with the principles and ethics of Voices’ work seamlessly.

Voices’ official charity – Emily’s Star

We are delighted to be supporting Emily’s Star as our official charity. Emily’s Star is a charity very close to our hearts. Their commitment to premature babies, neonatal deaths and family support during emotionally challenging and stressful times has grown and developed out of one family’s tragic loss. Emily’s Star has been running for the same length of time as Voices and is a hugely valuable organisation supporting families nationally in numerous ways. In addition to working with families and hospitals, they run a number of fundraising events from teddy bear’s picnics, 10k runs and an annual fund raising ball. Emily’s Star are the very kind donors of some of our props in ‘Kindness’.