Our Founder

Cate’s story begins with two decades as a Head of Drama, examiner and Drama advisor. She has always been a passionate advocate for the use of active learning to facilitate the empowerment of young people to participate critically and ethically in their own societies and beyond. Her voluntary work with a number of human rights organisations and with refugees and asylum seekers continues to this day. Her passionate belief in equality and diversity has always supported and informed her professional and personal life

After nearly 20 years as a Head of Drama, including 12 at the largest Arts College in the UK, Cate’s work developed with National Drama, as an advisor and examiner for exam boards and schools, as well as several projects that were subsequently published during her first Masters in Education with Warwick University. She has since gone on to other postgraduate study, specialising in a range of aspects of Holocaust history and education with the universities of London and Tel Aviv as well as the Open University. Her work with Professor Zatzman from Toronto University on the story of Hana’s suitcase (the journey of a young girl’s case sent from a small Czech town, to Theresienstadt and then Auschwitz) had a profound effect on Cate and determined a fundamental development of her work from 2008. Hana’s powerful and moving story was first unravelled by Fumiko Ishioka, Tokyo’s lead educator in Holocaust education. It went on to form the core of Voices’ play ‘Butterflies’ in 2013/14 and was later taken to perform at the European Parliament in front of Prime Ministers and Presidents from across the world.

Cate left full time teaching, to work as a freelance educator and consultant in 2011, when she met Shonaleigh – the last living Drut’syla and a 3rd generation survivor. This was fundamental to the development of Cate’s artistic vision for a new approach to Holocaust and human rights work. Shonaleigh and Cate worked closely together in the growth of the cultural as well as historical approach to her studies and practice. They are both skilled and experienced at lectures, keynotes and leadership at national and international conferences. Cate remains the only specialist of her kind in Europe, now with a theatre company trained and experienced, not only in producing unique and original productions but themselves skilled and experienced educators, trained by Cate to respond to young people and communities’ understandings.

“Most down to earth person there is! Amazing teacher.” (student)


“A complete inspiration. I’ve never had a teacher who knows so much or cares so much. And not just about Drama but about the other things that matter. Everyone matters to her. She’s just brilliant.” (student)