What we can offer you

We currently offer a range of active learning workshops to accompany our 1 hour performances that will specifically target your individual requirements. We can work with up to 150 secondary students in groups of a maximum of 30 to focus on Holocaust history and human behaviour, drawing in the themes and issues raised in the production that your students will see.

We also provide workshops for primary age children focusing on storytelling, embracing traditional Jewish narratives using a range of drama activities to engage through creative play in culturally diverse stories which can be developed in our follow – up packages with speaking, listening and writing activities for your children to embrace a range of historic and multicultural influences. We also provide professional development to your own educators in these areas.

Our work with community, adult groups and work in prisons and rehabilitation centres is in development at the moment and we are excited to soon be announcing new partnerships in these areas. Please contact us for further information.

If you would like to discuss arranging a bespoke package to suit the needs of your organisation, please get in touch with Mollie Takaira at mollie.voices@outlook.com and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.