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Mark Yom HaShoah

by witnesssing this special performance of Kindness, Wednesday 8th May at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm).

Following the performance will be an opportunity to hear from Susan herself and co-author & director, Cate Hollis.


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Voices of the Holocaust is a small but critically acclaimed theatre company dedicated to preserving the memories and stories of Holocaust survivors. As the door gradually closes on our time working directly with survivors to tell their stories for future generations, we must seize this chance whilst we still can.


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About Our Current Production

Kindness is largely a verbatim play based on the testimony of Hungarian survivor Susan Pollack OBE, aged only 13 when she was sent to the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau in the summer of 1944. Interwoven are a number of complementary narratives, including that of Mala Zimetbaum and Edek Galinski whose stunning love story and spiritual resistance is painted across a backdrop of one of the darkest periods in human history. Kindness has been described as “beautiful and empowering” and “compelling and emotive”. It promises that Susan’s legacy of the Holocaust stays with you for a very long time.

“There is a big discussion about the ethics of making the Holocaust into art, a thing of beauty. Theatre in education company Voices of the Holocaust shows how it can be done; not simply as entertainment but as historically researched, no holds barred reflections. You cannot attend without thinking deeply about the Holocaust and what it is to be human.

Darius Jackson, Centre for Holocaust Education, University of London

Black and white photo of a young Susan Pollack OBE, hungarian holocaust survivor, taken in Sweden, 1947Susan Pollack OBE, hungarian holocaust survivor

Susan Pollack OBE

Susan Pollack OBE is a Hungarian Holocaust survivor who has retired from over 30 years of testifying in schools and entrusted her legacy to us. In this play, we tell her story, layered with stunning complementary narratives and woven with historically accurate Holocaust history. In this way, the production balances emotional impact with complex understandings. Of the play, Susan says; “I sincerely felt very moved and grateful that the play so accurately represented my experiences. It is most wonderful, and I give you my legacy most willingly.”

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Kindness: A Legacy of the Holocaust

A high quality theatre production that provides a powerful starting point for Holocaust curriculum objectives as well as giving tremendous value to Drama departments who may already be using Mark Wheeller as a set text or need to complete theatre review coursework. Includes a post performance Q&A with Cate and the actors addressing any aspects of the play, Susan’s story, Holocaust history that the whole audience can benefit from.

Four main actors playing jews during the holocaust from a production premier by Voices of the Holocaust
© Karen Kodish

Meet the Authors

Cate Hollis, founder and co-author of the theatre production by the charity Voices of the Holocaust

Cate Hollis

Artistic Director and Co-Author

Meet the Cast!


The play and the story it was inspired by are incredibly powerful and moving. Kindness presents poignantly the unimaginably difficult reality of those cruelly persecuted by Nazi Germany, while also demonstrating that love and spiritual resistance can drive us no matter the situation that we face. It will stay with me for a long time and will no doubt serve as a lesson and a warning to future generations, so that a tragedy like the Holocaust never happens again.

Agnieszka Kowalska Charge d’affaires a.i., Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London

Who could actually imagine? Who could have explained that human beings are capable of such atrocities? If someone had told us, I don't suppose we would have believed them.

Susan Pollack OBE Survivor of the Holocaust

… I was astonished! I wasn’t alone. The audience gave the performance a prolonged standing ovation. The outstanding feature of the production in my opinion was the physical theatre layered onto the play in such a sensitive, gentle and subtle manner. It was utterly, UTTERLY incredible. I can’t wait for it to be seen in theatres and schools.

Mark Wheeller Playwright

I am a History teacher and, in all honesty, I came more for the opportunity to hear Susan speak than to watch a play. I couldn’t work out how on earth any play about Susan’s life [...] could possibly be done justice with it. I want to tell you [...] I have never felt so happy to be wrong. [The play helped us] to understand her feelings and experiences, to make us think about many of the key issues that we try to ask young people to think about when we’re teaching the Holocaust. We ask students when we have survivors coming into our school to bear witness. Your play really did that but also added maybe more chance to bear witness to the feel- ings as well as the memories. I was so impressed with how that worked.

History Teacher

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