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Our Partners

Some of our partners are big national organisations and others small – but all are special and important to us and all have a common understanding and shared belief in the value and importance of our work. 

The AJR is the UK’s largest dedicated funder of programmes and projects which promote teaching and learning about the Holocaust (TLH) in the United Kingdom. Although the over-riding priority of the organisation is to provide social, welfare and care services to Holocaust refugees and survivors, they also allocate a portion of their annual budget to support innovation in TLH because they, on behalf of their members, are committed to preserving the memory of those who perished and ensuring that history does not become distorted.

We are proud to call ourselves partners with the AJR. They have supported various aspects of our work with Kindness: A Legacy of the Holocaust including our schools tour, events at JW3 and Bushell Hall, Solihull (see ‘events’) as well as kindly inviting our Artistic Director Cate to speak about our work at the International Forum on the future use of survivor testimony in the legacy era at Lancaster House.

Their understanding of our mission and objectives, as well as our pedagogical approach to teaching the Holocaust through the arts, has led to them funding an academic research study in partnership with Northampton University (see ‘news’) over the coming school year with the objective of analysing the impact and effect of our innovative approach to use of mediated testimony through the arts.

The EJF is a unique platform for donors and community leaders to come together to foster dialogue between Jewish communities and produce cooperative solutions to shared challenges. It supports proposals and action plans for communal programmes, regional and pan-European programmes as well as initiating programmes of its own.  It helps strengthen the relationships between Europe’s Jewish communities, strengthening Jewish identity as well as highlighting and celebrating Jewish individuals and achievements in European and global society. Further, the EJF is committed to promoting educational programmes that ensure the lessons and memory of the Shoah live on. The EJF helps organise high-level international gatherings to preserve historical memory and evidence, and encourage the international community to unite in the fight against hatred and xenophobia.

Generation 2 Generation (G2G) is a Holocaust education charity providing speakers to tell their family Holocaust stories using eye-witness survivor testimony.  Their aim is to keep these Holocaust stories alive and promote the importance of inclusivity, tolerance and understanding of all groups in society. They achieve this by: 

  • Providing schools, educational establishments and religious, community and civic institutions with speakers who have a personal connection with Holocaust survivors.
  • Training our speakers to deliver engaging and age-appropriate presentations to a variety of audiences, using survivor testimony, artefacts and multimedia tools.  
  • Working in collaboration with other groups, organisations and charities engaged in Holocaust and human rights education. 


What teachers say:

“The students found learning about the Holocaust through such a personal story very powerful.  It enabled them to understand and emotionally connect with these events in a way that they never would in a normal classroom lesson.”  Curriculum Leaders, School, East London. 

We felt so aligned with this G2G that we felt developing a partnership would be mutually beneficial. As charities, our objectives are the align well and we feel strongly that what we can offer one another can only enrich the educational and community organisations that we reach and work with. 

Over the coming year there are a number of exciting opportunities to complement one another’s resources and expertise – so watch this space for more on that! In the meantime, we wholeheartedly recommend to all our partner schools and venues their 2nd generation talks as a way of opening out a wider variety of stories and personal experiences to enrich understanding and awareness amongst your students / group.”

When Voices of the Holocaust founded, we offered work placements to refugees and asylum seekers (indeed its an initiative we are hoping to rebuild in the coming year). It allowed those finding themselves in the UK in, sometimes desperate circumstances, to have a welcome and a community of support and nurture. In return, once individuals’ visas were approved they had our support and recommendation to find paid employment and go on to live the lives they so deserved.

During covid, our Artistic Director Cate, chose to work at MacIntyre’s as a support worker, bringing some form of hope and joy to individuals with learning disabilities experiencing the distress and confusion of that unprecedented time. She initiated cooking activities, drama activities and much more besides including supporting Jewish individuals finding ways to mark festivals and events. She was even nominated for the Majorie Newton Wright award!

So it seemed logical, and well within the values and traditions to which we hold proud, to look to a partnership that could enrich the lives of individuals living with MacIntyre’s and equally enrich the work of Voices’ work. The MacIntyre Tech Squad has been the first step on that journey. In rehearsals, individuals join us for rehearsals, helping as they can in making props and costumes, with our set and staging. On tour, our three shining stars, Martin, Rachel and Ian, work alongside our tour team at schools and theatres all over the country. They build the set, prepare the props and costumes and even run the lighting / music for the actual performances.

We are very much looking forward to building on our partnership with MacIntyre’s over the coming year and plan to expand our rehearsal and touring programmes to even more fully embrace our inclusive values and enrich everyone’s experiences even more. Watch this space for more news as our new project develops…

Beit Echud – Milton Keynes District and Reform Synagogue have always supported our work. From the early days we were often offered a home there for rehearsal and all the advice, wisdom and counsel of the board and members. They have been dear friends to Voices for years and, when we were finally able to re-form in 2022 we were honoured that we were able to formalise our partnership. 

These days, we split our time between Shul and Macintyre’s. We continue to have the guidance and support of the expertise among the members from religious guidance, musical support and members even having challah bake offs when we need bread for our Kindness tour! In return we do talks for members and join community events when we can. Our trustee Martin Neville MBE also happens to be MKDRS’s co-chair!

MacIntyre Team

"My wife and I attended Harrow Arts Centre last night and we wanted to tell you – we often go to the theatre, but we have never had a more powerful and moving and inspiring evening as we had last night. As you discussed (in the post show discussion), and several people including obviously Susan commented – this is the most incredibly clever way to continue telling her story, indeed any survivor’s story. I think someone described it as using a ‘surrogate voice’? For us it was that and much more; a way of understanding Susan’s story in such an unexpected way, but it also made us think – which, from the discussion and knowing about your programmes that go with the play is what you intend. It was moving, challenging and thought provoking. Thank you for an inspiring evening."

Audience Member

New Partners

We are so proud to have built so many special friendships and relationships over the years and would love to create some more!